Words of Our CEO

“We are meant to create change and take our nation to the zenith of brilliance.”
In today’s world, where people are vying to achieve excellence, it is indeed difficult to survive without mastering different skills and talents apart from academic superiority. Corporates today do not need people just to do their work but people who will be a part of their organization, blending themselves with the culture of the organization. So it is undeniable that total grooming of an individual, starting from school life, is indispensable. Giving adequate training and development to the human potential and providing companies with top of the class employees are our tasks at hand.

About Us

Aztec Solutions had its humble beginnings in 2011 and since its inception, has been opening new horizons in the field of Human and Education Management. With the espousal of excellent training modules and client services extraordinaire, Aztec has been forging itself as one of the most trusted Capacity Building and Knowledge Imparting Partners to the learner community and the clients who have tried and tested us so far.
We are committed to convert human potential into flamboyant and challenging workforce, spearheading for tomorrow’s economic as well as corporate excellence, not at all compromising in moral values, thereby also moulding socially committed individuals who will be the agents of positive social change.

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Services We Provide

We are providing all types of quality educational services.

Staffing Services

It is necessary that the right people are available to propel any organization towards success. We provide solutions in staffing your organization with apt people.

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For Colleges

TASC is a program which aims to develop the students’ skills to meet the occupational standards. Our sustained learning methodologies addresses all aspects of corporate expectations.

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Training Services

We are putting in constant efforts in generating positive attitude transformations and excellence in productivity. The bottom line is: ‘With us, your business flourishes.’

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For Schools

Cutting Edge Performance Events, The Well-bred Teams, Aztec Consortiums, Linguistic Module, Next-Gen Talent Boosters, Promo Events

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A Sampling of Our Valued Clients.

“Aztec Solutions Human & Education Management have been rendering their services for the past three years in my school. The impact that they created in anglicizing the campus and moulding their personality of the students is remarkable. They are highly skilled in the organization of school programmes and events in a very effective manner.”

Dr. V. Bindhu, Principal

“Satisfied with the activities and training sessions given by Aztec solutions. It is a way of making the trainees able to be self-initiative and self-reliable in all the fields a person has to deal with when he/she grows up.”

Dr. Hussain Randathani Principal

“An innovative way of making the students grow with all the skill set up and polished personality. The run-of-the-mill modules never gets room in Aztec Solutions' training curriculum.”

Dr. B. Priestly Shan Principal

“Aztec solutions uses state-of-the-art concepts and ideas in personnel training and development. Anyone who wishes to instill advanced training concepts into their curriculum and to improve the overall level of their trainees, will want a reliable world-class partner who meets a number of requirements, and Aztec Solutions, is indeed a partner of that order.”

Mr. Imbichikoya Nodal Officer

“At Aztec Solutions, the process is fantastically innovative and custom made and the execution is really awesome. Each and every step of all the activities are student centered that is including the parent."

Mr. M. Ibrahim Haji Chairman

“Thank you Aztec Solutions very much for the amazing job you did motivating our kids to think creatively to lead the next generation. I have met many training organizations and availed the services for training our kids and yours is by far the best. This methodology of yours is a powerful way to self-actualize the student community.”

Mr. Anees Jifri K. P. Principal

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